Working with Next Generation Sequencing?

We will make your genomics fast!
About Deneb Genetics
World is on the threshold of biotech revolution.
We do our best to be part of this exciting movement,
giving out our skills and passion
for building high quality software,
creating better and faster tools in genomics
for analysis, research and applications.


Currently we are focused on the most computationally demanding task of
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) –
Reference Guided Genome Assembly Pipeline

Ultra-Fast Short Read Aligner


600,000,000 150bp Reads, Reference GRCh38, FASTQ->SAM
in 1 hour
Best price/performance ratio on AWS EC2 f1.2xlarge instance.
in 20 minutes
Just best performance on AWS EC2 f1.16xlarge instance.
Modern DNA sequencer produces BIG amount of DATA.
Even single run can produce more than 1TB of raw data,
and yearly machine can produce more than 5PB.
Genome sequencing is moving from academic and research area to personal medicine.
We are sure - pretty soon genetic analysis will be as common, as blood test.
All this makes serious challenges for IT industry to proccess and store such big amounts of data.
Traditional/current solutions
Currently genome assembly tasks is solving pretty straightforwad - you have to "wait" or you have to use "bruteforce".
Fast desktop computer can assemble genome within couple of days, cluster of dozens high performance servers will do this task within one hour.
One approach is slow, another is expensive and very complex.

Our solution
We are using power of FPGA for guided genome asssembly.
This technology is ideal for such type of applications.
From the other side - IT infrastructure is rapidly moving to the clouds.
Our solution takes best from two worlds and is using cutting edge technology from AMAZON - AWS F1 Instances.
AWS F1 instance equipped with the hi-end FPGA from XILINX, able to unleash whole power of our state-of-the-art
VAVILOV genomics engine.
We are working on acceleration of whole NGS data
processing pipeline and right now we are pleased to announce
our initial product - ultra fast short read aligner, it makes 12-25 times faster the most part of reference guided genome assembly pipeline.
Just one such instance can easily replace 25 traditional instances.

Download White Paper for additional details!

Key VAVILOV genomics engine features:
- Speeds up Map-Align up to 12-25 times
- Features pure semi-global Smith-Waterman alignment algorithm delivering alignment of better quality when compared to standard approach
- Optimized for 150bp sequencer output
- Processes single as well as paired end READs
- Pure semi-global 255bpx150bp Smith-Waterman for each READ alignment
- easy changing of reference genome
- continuous integration and algorithms improvement
Who we are
We are team of professionals with great technical backend and serious development experience.
20+ years of work in IT industry
We are experts in any major computer architecture since mid 70s and have strong understanding were insdustry goes
Dozens successful projects
We developed many solutions for major companies around the globe
Software architetcs
We have great ideas and know how to design software smart way
Strong development and support skills
We know how to produce good code and deploy solutions working 24x7xYEARS!
We are keeping the deadlines
We stay focused and working hard to complete projects in time
Bound to the future
We keep learning and using new technologies to solve tasks and challenges
For Investors
We are startup
Using most advanced technology, we are building products for fast growing and promising market, addressing challenges industry prepares.
We are bound for performance, scalability, affordability.
We were in the list of the very first 200 developers selected by Amazon Inc. as early adopters of AWS EC2 F1 technology and participated in their BETA test program.
We are looking for collaboration with biotech industry
To build better product, to make our solution more usefull - connections with biotech specialists are greatly appreciated.
We are ready to present for potential investors
  • Market analysis;

  • Bussisnes plan;

  • In-depth technical documentation of product and access to a beta program;

  • Other potentional flavours of products deployment (not only cloud-based);
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